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Tips for Boxes and Packing Supplies

The Pinnacle Team | Boxes and Packing Supplies

Taking extra precautions to protect your belongings when preparing to store them will help prevent them from shifting or breaking while moving. It will also help protect items from the elements of the weather while keeping them dusk free while in storage.

Begin by making a list of items you plan on storing, you can use it as an outline to determine the type and quantity of packing supplies you will need. It will also help you to determine the appropriate size of storage unit you will need. You should use good quality packing materials to ensure long-term protection, even if you plan to only have your items in storage for a short duration. Keep in mind, newspaper can scratch delicate items and smudge ink so while it seems like a simple solution, it often just causes more problems. The same is true of plastic trash bags as they retain moisture and can damage items kept inside them.

Here is an idea of some things you may need:

• Specially Made Boxes for: Dishes and China Mattresses Lamps Utilities (i.e. mops, brooms, cleaning supplies) Wardrobe Mirrors Televisions Poster tubes

• Various Sized Boxes for Everyday Items

• Reinforced Boxes/Totes for Fragile Items

• File Boxes for Documents

• Bubble Wrap & Shrink Wrap

• White Tissue Paper

• Styrofoam Peanuts

• Foam Egg Crates

• Sofa and Chair Covers

• Packaging Tape

• Scissors & Box Knife

• Lables & Markers

• Dolly for Heavy Appliances


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Pinnacle Storage of Calabash - 7/22/2019

This was as easy as could be. I was a day late but they called me to confirm my reservation. The manager is the bomb~ He is super helpful and knew exactly what I needed. Helped me adjust for a second locker. Thank you for making my horrible day so much easier. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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