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Packing Holiday Decorations

The Pinnacle Team | Packing Holiday Decorations

Before you throw away the tissue paper and empty boxes from the holiday season, try recycling them to store your holiday decorations.

Here are some tips for storing:


• Put used wrapping and tissue paper through a paper shredder to use as filler

• Use egg cartons to separate and protect small ornaments

• Use a partitioned cardboard wine box to store tissue-wrapped ornaments, stacking on top of one another

• Keep any especially fragile ornaments towards the top of a box

• Keep any food-based decorations (i.e. cinnamon and applesauce ornaments) in separate sandwich bags and place in tin container to keep pests away.

• Place silver ornaments in tarnish proof bags to keep them looking new

• Place hooks and hangers in a small container with multiple dividers (i.e. tackle box tray, school supply box)



You can store a large amount of garland in a plastic box, pressing it down as you add more o Alternatively, use the garland as a filler to cushion spaces between your decorations Lights o Wrap lights around empty wrapping paper tubes and tape the ends to the tube to keep them from tangling o Keep replacement bulbs and fuses in a plastic sandwich bag and tuck it inside the tube.

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