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Home Appliance Storage Tips

The Pinnacle Team | Home Appliance Storage

Storing your unused home appliances is an easy, affordable solution; here are some tips for making sure your appliances stay in great condition while stored.


When storing a clothes washer or dishwasher it is best to run a complete cleaning cycle while the unit is empty, adding a cup of bleach or vinegar instead of soap or detergent. After the cycle is complete, clean and dry the interior of the machine completely.

Cleaning the interior is especially important in refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens since food and sugar may draw bugs. Make sure to clean and dry the defrost pan in refrigerators (check underneath or behind the refrigerator). o Make sure to pay special attention to cleaning any rubber seals around appliance doors since mildew collects easily in this area. o Clean the exterior well, including any vents or intake areas. o When appliance is clean, spray it will an insect deterrent to prevent infestation.

Drain Make sure to empty all water from tanks, hoses/tubing and any other components to help from damaging the appliance during freezing temperatures.

Protect   If the appliance has fragile pieces including glass shelves, be sure to remove them and transfer them separately to prevent damage. Be sure to mark any fragile parts as such so when you take them out of storage they will remain protected. Use blankets or bubble wrap to prevent scratching the finish or denting the outside of the appliance. Remember: refrigerators should always be transported in an upright position.

Secure   Use a sturdy tape that will not leave residue (try painter’s tape) to hold appliance doors closed while moving. When you have the unit when you want it be sure to remove the tape the prop the door open to keep from mildewing.

Store   If storing in a region that encounters high & low temperatures, temperature swings, or high humidity areas, you may want to choose a climate controlled storage unit. This will help maintain the mechanical or electronic parts of appliances; it will also help prevent rust/fissures. o If you are storing your appliances with smaller household items it is a good idea to load your appliances on the truck last and place them in your storage unit first. This will allow you to easily place the bulky appliances at the back of the storage unit for easier access to your smaller household items at the front. o Try to avoid placing heavy, bulky items inside your appliances while they are stored as this may cause damage. o Make sure to find a way to prop the appliance door open to keep from mildewing. You may also want to place an open box of baking soda inside the appliance to help prevent odors. o Drape appliances with a breathable material like a sheet to help keep it dust free while in storage.

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