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Get the Most Out of Your Yard Sale with Self Storage

The Pinnacle Team | Yard Sales and Storage

Ready to clean and declutter? Get the most out of your yard sale, with the help of storage!


A self storage unit is the perfect solution while trying to organize for a yard sale. An empty unit is a great place to sort through, organize and price all of your items. The storage unit will also allow you concentrate on preparing for the sale without distractions. As a bonus, if you have your sale with friends or family, you can split the cost of the storage unit which will greatly reduce the cost per person.


While you are dropping things off at your storage unit keep them sorted by categories. To help with this think of how you may see items arranged in a department store, for example: clothes, toys, kitchen, appliances, sports equipment, etc. Doing so will help to save you time as your sale draws near. As your yard sale approaches, prepare the area you will have your sale by setting up racks and tables before you bring your item over from storage. By having an idea of where you are going to put things, you will only need to unload your items and everything will be pre-sorted and priced. If you plan to have a sale quarterly, bi-yearly or annually, you can bring items to your storage unit throughout the year and keep things clean and well-organized, so that setting up for your sale will be easy.


A few last sale tips include being sure that you have enough cash on hand, pay careful attention that you have enough small bills and coins to make change. Have a comfortable chair to sit in and well as water and food to last you the length of your sale. You may also want to have boxes and bags available for customers to take away their new goodies. Lastly, if you expect the sale to be large, you may want to enlist help so you can watch your merchandise and deal with multiple customers at once.

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“Friendly Staff, Easy to Access, And Secure”

Hyway 70 - 12/9/2019

The manager was very helpful and the climate controlled unit is awesome. Definitely getting my moneys worth. 

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